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Cooking Class

Healthy Cooking Classes

Get Healthy Virtual Cooking Classes
Join us for a virtual cooking class in your home. You supply the ingredients, we supply the fun!
Expand your kitchen skills and home recipes. All recipes include nutrient dense ingredients that are easy to find or in your pantry. Culinary nutrition info, healthy cooking techniques and tips for you and your family. Taught by a health-supportive trained chef and registered dietitian.  

Each interactive 60-90 min class provides you with hands on instruction for healthy delicious and easy meals. Follow along and ask questions as we cook together. With a password-protected zoom session, you will cook as a group but eat as a family. One price for each household.
Recipes, prep instructions and shopping list sent to you in advance. Classes are $25 - all you need to do is sign up!
Zoom invite and prep instructions/recipes sent with sign-up

Organize a group of 10 and get a free class!
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Cooking Class
Soup ReBoot Program
Squash Soup
Schedule your private session

Ready to re-invent your health? Clean up your diet and get rid of your not-so-healthy habits this fall with our group Soup ReBoot Program.  

Join this plant-based program designed to help you boost your metabolism, reduce cravings and reset your health through better eating. Sometimes we need a little help with our efforts for better health habits. We get it. We developed this program to re-invigorate your commitment to eating clean and supporting your health.

It’s not a fast, it’s not juice. It’s real food that’s nutrient dense and easy on your digestion. Its nutrient rich soups and support foods to keep you satisfied while nourishing your body.


The recipes were formulated by a registered dietitian and chef to not only provide you with a variety of nutrients, but targeted to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress while reducing cravings for sweets and processed foods. It jump-starts your clean eating routine so well you won’t want to go back to your old unproductive eating habits.


Better than a fast…. You won’t be deprived or unsatisfied while achieving the same results


Better than a juice cleanse…. Soup is nourishing, low glycemic and isn’t missing important nutrients and fiber.

Why a soup reboot?

  1. Reset poor eating habits

  2. Flood your body with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory foods

  3. Reduce sugar cravings

  4. A start to your “clean eating” plan

  5. Short term plan for long term benefits

  6. Improve your energy

  7. Gives your digestive tract a rest and your body a chance to detox

  8. Jump start weight loss

We learn, cook and soup together. Create your own homemade health-supportive soups, store in the freezer or start right away. All soups are plant based, low glycemic, high fiber, gluten and dairy free. Start with the basics and cook the base broth. We then review the blended and whole soup technique along with soup toppings that make it special and delicious. Instructions and strategies for the soup reboot protocol are reviewed and personalized for you.

Schedule a private session, where we will review the protocol, recipes and a cooking demo. Start your guided reboot when it's convenient for you!



 Recipes include:


  Cleansing Celery soup

  Spiced Carrot-Ginger soup

  Pumpkin Seed Pesto

  Cashew Cream

  Tuscan Bean Veggie Soup

  Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup

  Golden Energy Bites

     Bonus: Mineral broth



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