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Get Healthy Guide

Culinary Nutrition Prescription Guide and Recipes

Move Your Health and Kitchen Forward 

We're all spending a lot more time int the kitchen lately. Create lasting changes in your kitchen and your health! This simple easy program provides you with tools for your best healthy version of you! Get real guidance from a Registered Dietitian with this e-book and guidance.


  • Nutrition guidelines include functional, traditional and culinary nutrition techniques that help you incorporate practice to your plate.

  • Over 90 nutrient-dense recipes including soothing soups, nutrient packed smoothies and tonics, hearty breakfast ideas, vibrant salads, gluten-free grain and veggie sides, easy fish options, plant-based meals, health-supportive dips and spreads, and of course desserts!

  • Recipes are full of health-supportive ingredients - anti-oxidants and  anti-inflammatory ingredients, omega-3s, fiber rich and slow carbs to keep your insulin balanced, health supportive herbs and spices and balanced macro-nutrients.

  • Bonus: 30 minute video/phone consultation with a Registered Dietitian booked at your convenience to discuss your individual needs!

Available for only $150. Get delicious recipes, expert guidance and a 30 min consultation to create your path to health.

Guide with recipes will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase, along with info on scheduling your consultation
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