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How can I help you?

Are you tired of not knowing what to do or where to turn for the right way to eat? Have you tried countless diets, countless times, only to be back to square one? Are you tired of feeling unhealthy, overweight and hopeless?

My approach is to help you on your individual path to your best healthy version of you! I don't believe there is one way for all - rather everyone needs a personal plan. One that fits your needs and your lifestyle. I focus on real whole foods, health supportive ingredients, kitchen skills and behavioral strategies that fits your life. 

I want to get you into your kitchen, enhance your cooking skills, improve your pantry and empower you to nourish yourself and your family in the best way possible.

Using a combination of functional, traditional and culinary nutrition techniques, we will find that best version for you - whether plant-based, paleo, flexitarian or mediterranean. A comprehensive approach to foods include a deep look into:

  • macronutrient quality and balance

  • micronutrient needs

  • anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich ingredients

  • fiber, low-glycemic and gut supportive

  • focus on variety, portion/plate size, hydration and mindful eating

  • accountability and regular engagement through in-person and remote access, journals, photos and questions

Clear out old practices no longer serving you. Learn kitchen confidence with easy and time saving recipes, pantry renovation and healthy cooking techniques. 

Super Health Food

Personal Nutrition Programs by Green Napkin Nutrition

Nutrition Counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy 

  • Include comprehensive assessment on diet and health history, biomarkers and anthropometrics, nutrition and fitness goals

  • Individual plan with continual support, meal plan development, diet analysis, personal guidance and strategies

  • Weight management, general wellness and disease risk reduction, sports nutrition, 

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for cardiovascular disease, GI issues, Food Allergies and Intolerances, Diabetes, Cancer Prevention, Brain Health 

Individual appointments or packages are available to fit your needs. Comprehensive Initial Visit is 60 minutes and includes email summary, personalized plan, support materials and next steps for your coaching sessions. Follow up sessions are 30 minutes and cover individual goals we set together. Packages are available as well. I work by phone, video or in person -  whatever works best for you.

Personalized Nutrition Programs

To create lasting lifestyle change, it takes time, patience and commitment. I typically work with clients 3-6 months for new healthy habits to form and stick. It doesn't happen overnight or in 1 or 2 sessions. Realistic goals, consistent engagement and perseverance plus the right support - your personal nutrition therapist - is vital to your success. 

Free Phone Consultation Available

Email info@greennapkinnutrition for info on fees or a complimentary 15 min phone consult to blueprint your program and make sure we're a good fit.

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